What currency is used in South Korea?

The currency of South Korea is South Korean won or the Korean Republic won. 1 won contains 100 jeon. The Jeon is no longer used for daily transactions and appears only in foreign exchange rates. The won is issued by the central bank in South Korea which is the Bank of Korea based in Seoul.

What is the best place to visit in South Korea?

A must-visit place in South Korea is to the capital city, Seoul. It is best for pubs, shopping, culture and heritage, and architecture. If you are there, don’t forget to explore Changdeokgung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Buckchon Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower, Lotte World, and Bukhansan National Park.

What is the best and the largest ski resort in South Korea?

You should visit the Yongpyong Ski resort which is made for all ages. It is located in Pyeongchang and the largest ski resort in South Korea. It is famous for Dragon Peak, Asia’s longest gondola course (7.4 km), sledding slope for non-skiers and family-unit skiers, Peak Island, and Mountain Coaster.

Where should I take my kids in Seoul?

If you are travelling Seoul with kids then you should definitely take them to Lotte World which has exciting rides, ice rink, aquarium, folk museum, and many other things. It is a perfect place for children where they can enjoy foods from around the world, parades, and laser shows.

What is the oldest market in South Korea?

We would recommend you to visit Namdaemun Market, Seoul which is the oldest and largest market in South Korea. It is present since the 1400s. You can visit there for the latest fashion, crockery, electronics, and good food of course. The street food would include tteokbokki (rice cakes in a spicy red sauce) and dakkochi (grilled chicken skewers). Although some parts of the market are open 24/7, the best time to visit there is between 11 am to 2 pm.

What is the best beach for surfing in South Korea?

You should visit Hajodae Beach which is famous for surfing. It is 2 miles long and has the nickname “Surfy” beach. Apart from surfing, you can explore the Hajodae lighthouse to have a look at the mesmerizing beauty of the beach. There are two different zones for surfers and swimmers and all the facilities are provided for you to experience the best surfing.

What is the best theme park in South Korea?

Everland and Lotte world both are the best theme parks in South Korea. For a safari experience, you must visit Everland in Yongin as it is the only safari place in South Korea. Apart from that, Everland has the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster that will give you an adrenaline rush. It is the largest outdoor theme park in South Korea and has 5 unique zones of rides and attractions. Whereas Lotte world in Seoul is the Guinness World record holder for being the world’s largest indoor amusement park and has amazing rides and shows. Do visit the Magic Island which is an artificial island on Seokchon Lake and has dozens of rides and attractions in a whimsical fairytale atmosphere.

What is the best museum to visit in Seoul?

There are many great museums in Seoul but the National Palace Museum of Korea in Jongno-gu is known as one of the best museums in Seoul which has over 40,000 royal treasures and artifacts. Out of those 40,000, 14 are the national treasures of South Korea. It is famous for the huge collection of the Joseon Dynasty of the Korean Empire where you will find everything from that era displayed in the museum from clothing, culture to education, and architecture.

What is the best month to visit South Korea?

The best months to visit South Korea is during the spring (April-June) and autumn (September to November). During these two seasons, the temperature is average and the days are sunny and dry. During Spring, the temperature is usually between 15-18 degrees Celsius while during the fall season, the average temperature is usually between 19-21 degrees Celsius.

How much does it cost to travel to South Korea?

As per the research done by us, you should expect a cost of around $125 per day on your vacation in South Korea wherein the average daily expense on meals would be around $24 and on local transportation, it would be around $12. Also, the average hotel price for a couple would be $151, hence, per week for a couple, you can expect an average cost of around $1,749.

What is South Korea famous for?

South Korea is famous for its pop culture, mainly K-pop, cinema, TV dramas, fashion trends, Buddhist temples, Kimchi, etc. It is a phenomenon which is known as Korean Wave.

What is the national food of South Korea?

It is Kimchi which is a Korean side dish that is made up of fermented vegetables and seasonings. You may find hundreds of different versions of Kimchi but it is usually made up of radish, Napa cabbage, and cucumber, or scallion.

Which South Korean dish I should definitely try in South Korea?

There are many South Korean delicacies that you must try at least once, especially when you are in South Korea. These dishes are very famous all across the country. But we would recommend you to try Kimchi which is a fermented vegetable dish with lots of seasonings. It is a spicy Korean side dish. There are over 100 different varieties of Kimchi available such as kkakdugi (cubed radish), oi sobagi (cucumber), and gat (mustard leaf), but the most common is paechu kimchi which is made with napa cabbage.

What is the Korean Diet?

The Korean diet or K-diet consists of Kimchi which is present in every meal. K-diet proportionally contains a high amount of vegetables, a high to moderate amount of fish and legumes, and a low amount of red meat.

What is a must-try restaurant in Seoul?

It is really difficult to choose among so many great restaurants as South Korea is also known for its delicious food apart from other things. But we are here to solve your problems and would recommend you Imun Seolnontang in Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul to must-try. It is the oldest restaurant in Seoul and is the first restaurant to register for a business license in the early 1900s.

Since then, the restaurant is serving mouth-watering seolleongtang or seolnontang to people in the city. It is a dish that is made up of ox meat and bones that are boiled for hours to create a milky-white soup. Unlike other Korean dishes, it is a very simple dish that is seasoned with only salt and chopped green onions. Unless you visit here, you would not get the idea of why we exactly mention this restaurant a must-try.

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