Olivia Oblanc x Ji Won Choi x Adidas Superstar Review

The adidas Superstar has garnered a lot of friends in the sneaker industry since the beginning of its commemoration, however with the year off by a long shot to its completion, it’s very evident we’ve yet to see the greater part of what’s up and coming.

In the wake of entrusting Next in Fashion star Angel Chen with her own one of a kind red-clad take, the company is changing the outline to an adjoining couple of womenswear notables: Olivia Oblanc and Ji Won Choi.

The same in their demeanor, the two have matched their tasteful designs unto a single variety of the Three Stripes symbol, working up from a white base that is generally unembellished. Smooth leather append as they should, shell toes no different, however along the ribbon unit, the coordinated effort has decided on two expanded lashes instead of a standard arrangement of bands.

One foot, likely created by Choi herself, colors the clasp a strong red to coordinate the hangtag decorated with her name while different hits are unbiased with Oblanc’s angled marking printed on. Follow the latest shoes at Hotel Reservation Global— particularly the dark delineated logo hits on the site and heel tabs along the back — and anticipate that a launch should hit March 13th at select retailers and potentially adidas.com.

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James Hanson CEO

James Hanson CEO

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