What is the earlier name of Germany?

Earlier, Germany, which is now also known as the Federal Republic of Germany, was known as Germania. It was a part of the Holy Roman Empire in A.D. 900-1806. After that, from 1949-1990, Germany was divided into East Germany (German Democratic Republic) and West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany). During that time, Berlin, which is the capital city, was divided into the east and west part. East Germany started constructing the Berlin Wall between the east and west part of the Berlin on 13th August 1961.

What is the currency of Germany?

The currency of Germany is Euro which was adopted by the country in 1999. Before World War I, the official currency was “Paiermark” which was adopted by the country in 1914. 1 mark contained 100 pfennigs. After the war, the currency was named “Rentenmark” in 1923 followed by “Reichsmark” in 1924 and finally “Deutsche Mark” in 1948 before adopting Euro. Germany stopped using fenning coins after adopting the Euro.

Which is a famous restaurant in Germany?

Marjellchen is the best restaurant in Germany which is situated in Berlin and serves authentic German food. This famous restaurant serves mouth-watering dishes from East Prussia and offers stunning views of the surrounding. Not to mention, their service is impeccable. Do try their Masurian Jugged Game (stag and wild boar, mushroom, and bacon served with stewed cabbage, potato dumplings, and cranberries) when you visit there.

What is the best vegan restaurant in Berlin?

The best vegan restaurant is AtayaCaffe which serves African and Italian cuisines. The Sunday brunch there is a must-try for everyone. Due to the COVID-19, they are not serving that right now but they have an equally amazing option to satisfy your cravings, i.e., African vegan brunch. The atmosphere is very cozy and they are 100% plastic-free vegan restaurants.

What should I avoid doing in Germany?

There are many things that you should follow in Germany to avoid ruffling any feathers such as avoid doing the Nazi salute (you can be jailed for 5 years if you are caught) and taking the name of the Hitler even if the subject comes up, avoid jaywalking, avoid walking on the bicycle lane, don’t talk about the war, don’t point a finger to your head, give the empty water bottle back to the shopkeeper and don’t throw that in the dustbin, and many others.

What is a must-try dish in Germany?

Sauerbraten is really a popular dish in Germany as it is the national food there prepared with a variety of meats. It is usually prepared with beef but other versions include lamb, venison, pork, mutton, and horse meat. The meat is marinated in wine vinegar over several days and traditionally, the dish is served with potato dumplings or boiled potato and red cabbage.

What is a highly recommended beer in Germany?

The most recommended beer in Germany is the Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier and is the oldest brew in the world. It is a cloudy, Bavarian-style brew made with wheat that is really refreshing to drink either with a light dinner or before any meal.

What is the best castle to visit in Germany?

There are many but we would recommend you to must-visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, Germany. You will be surprised to know that Walt Disney took the inspiration for their Sleeping Beauty Castle from it as it is so impressive. Once you visit there, then only you will realize why Disney is so much in love with this castle. It is considered as the crown jewel of the world’s fairytale castles and therefore you will find so much rush. Make sure to reserve your tickets at least 3 days in advance as the daily tickets sell very quickly.

What is the best university in Germany?

No doubt Ludwig Maximilians University or LMU Munich is the best university in Germany and is recognized as one of the premier research and academic institution in Europe. It was found in 1472 and since then many talented students all across the world come every year to study at this prestigious university. It is located in Munich which is known as the primary hub for research and higher education.

What is the best city to work in Germany?

If you have to choose one, then we would suggest you to go for Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It is home to many big and global companies which are one of the highest employers in the world. Berlin has endless job opportunities, hence the number of people coming to this city for jobs is ever-growing. Though Berlin is an expensive city, however, you will get a decent amount of salary to build a future there. Innovative technologies, ICT, and media are some of the sectors where you will find great career opportunities in Berlin.

What is the best place to visit in Germany?

Both Berlin and Munich are the best and beautiful cities to visit in Germany. Berlin is a city of a vibrant mix of design, fashion, art, and music. From more than 170 world-class museums to pulsating nightlife, this city has something for everyone. You can explore the Museum Island in the Spree River, East Side Gallery, shopping to Kurfurstendamm, and nightlife in the Friedrichshain area. You must visit in winter to explore the best and biggest Christmas market organized in Germany.
Munich is also a nice and beautiful city. It is popular for Oktoberfest and also has beautiful castles, architecture, museums, and parks to explore. Some of the must-visit places here are Marienplatz, Deutsches Museum (German Museum), Hofbrauhaus brewery, and Englischer Garten (English Garden).

What is the best theme park in Germany?

You should definitely visit Europa Park which is the biggest amusement park in Germany and the second largest in Europe after Disneyland Paris. Almost 6 million people visit Europa Park every year. It has 15 European themed areas such as Italy, Luxembourg, England, Austria, Ireland, Grimm’s Enchanted Forest, and many more. Apart from that, it has over 100 attractions and fantastic shows and 13 roller coasters among various other fun rides.

What is the best place for kids?

If your kids are really fond of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland, then you should definitely take them to Neuschwanstein castle which is not less than a fairytale castle or if your children are interested in having some fun rides, then you should take them to Europa Park. Europa Park has 13 roller coasters, 100 attractions and fantastic shows, and 15 European themed areas among various other rides.

What is the best time to visit Germany?

If you are planning a trip to Germany, then pack your bags between May to September when the weather is pleasantly warm. People usually visit Germany in the hottest summer when they get the best weather, very long days, snow-free alpine trails, and the busiest schedule of tourist fun.

What is the cost of living in Germany for students?

Unlike other European countries, Germany is not much expensive. The average cost of living for a student is around 850 euros per month in which the highest amount goes in rent. For the accommodation, students usually pay between 290 to 560 euros depending on the city and various other factors. For example, cities such as Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Hamburg have high rent. You can easily afford a student hall of residence or a shared flat (WG) for accommodation. If budget is not a constraint, then you can also go for a personal flat. Other expenses as a student you can expect in Germany are semester contribution, tuition fees, living expenses (food, clothing, books, etc.), and health insurance.

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